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Slovaks love sports

Slovaks love sports

Slovaks love sports

Let’s see how the Slovaks used the beautiful weather and where they stayed during the weekend. Slovaks love sports.

In Saturday, 7/30 in Šamorín place took in the European Championship in quadrathlon. Where they again met all lovers of sport.
image1 (2)Us wonder how many people during this great event in this locality and near moved. We were able to see to live, how the whole event took place, Whereas the team Adastra Partnering also fought for the title of European Champion (which also we have managed to place 3rd in the women’s category). We stayed pleasantly surprised, when we found out in which large numbers there and met all athletes not only quadrathlone, but also in the sports complex X-Bionic sphere, where people can not only active sports, but also to relax in peace.
image2 (1)For visitors could enjoy various operations, such as. Hotel Kormoran, how I said sports club and also the hotel X-Bionic sphere or a small snack buffet, which definitely had no shortage of customers. They enjoyed their incredible to 3,100 people with sporting spirit. Thanks to Market Locator we can see the difference how many people are really attracted to because during normal weekends does not stay there for more than 230 people.

  • Try all of these participants reach. Tell all of them, what they can found in your sports store and what a great price for them you currently poised.
  • Do you have a beautiful spa with great massage, whatis better for athletes after this hard performance? Let they know how special you are ready for them and show yours great offer. There’s nothing better for an athlete than a great massage and relaxing feeling after the sauna.
  • Are you organize sports events, competitions or actions? Call people who were on quadrathlon and pleased to take part in another great sporting event.
  • Want to know how the race participants enjoyed the race, or what they would like to improve next year (feedback)? Send them a brief questionnaire and tell them so that they can win entry to another great event.

If you are interested in and you want know how many people resided some of your business and you want to know how many potential customers just passed you, feel free to reach out and attract them something interesting.

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