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Back to SCHOOL

Back to SCHOOL

Back to SCHOOL

For kids already start most unpopular time, when holiday is still going, but they can see everywhere, how every venue start remediate them: ‘School is coming’,   ‘back to school’. Of course on the other hand, kids are use it this situation and play with parents game, how can gain a new one school bag or other cool thinks, which they need in school.

Venue are trying parents to remind, that now is the right time, when is necessary motivate their kids. It’s really important when kids are looking forward go to the school, through a new, beautiful and cool bag school whit pictures of their favorite fairy tales or superhero, great electronics or new outfits.

Thats a reason why you must take note for parents, what could delight their kids to be enjoyed to the school. And the most important thinks, for the best price and how they can save while.


  • Blog_spat do skolyDo you have store whit stationery? Say every parents how great price they can buy perfect school bag or stationery. Or, for example, school cover on books, which kids really love it.
  • tablet (1)Show every parents, that buy smartphone, tablet or other electronic accessories are not bad investment, that thanks for this amenities of our times children can develop, are in touch with the world and the endless influx of information.
  • Have you store whit icescream, attract families with children, let they can sweeten the beginning of the school year, for a special discount, one scoop pay and second one have for free.
  • If you have coffee shop, bar or restaurant, serve during happy hours special drinks/fresh/smoothie reduced price.
  • They will certainly want parents their children to dress nicely, show them, how perfect they can save money and bargains rights in your boutique.
  • Blog_spat do skolyPrepare for a kids tasty and healthy snacks to school and let know where their parents can pick up on the way to school for their schoolchildren.

Few inspirations campaigns in the end


  • New optics XX is already open, come measure eyes  yours schoolchildren and gain discount 35% for Eyeglass Frame. We are looking forward to you. Yours www.opricsxx.sk

Caffee, restaurants and confectioneries

  • Blog_spat do skoly1Come for a fresh great smell coffee to us and we can give you tasty and healthy snack to school for yours children. You can find us on XY street in Bratislava.
  • Can’t you have time for the lunch menu during normal lunch time because you must keep children from school? don’t worry, come whit them and you can enjoy your meal whit fresh/smoodies for great price in our HAPPY HOUR.
  • Are yours children sick of ‘come back SCHOOL’? Sweeten them life great tasty icescream and have great discount one pay and second you have for free. The best icescream are looking forward for you.

School supplies and tools

  • Bargains on school supplies how you can have imagine. Shopping online from the comfort of home and save your money and time. Click on www.xwy.sk/shopschoolsupplies.


  • Preparie yours schoolchildren on first day in school, here in our boutique XYWQ, we have chick clothers for school price on the street RXRC.
  •   Do you have a problem find appropriate clothing for your schoolchild, come here have a look, inspiration and show this SMS, you can have discount 25% on every T-short and jeans. www.clothesXZX.sk

Exampele, how to do it others

Electronics used also this moment and give great price for schoolchildren: IT NEWS – come back to school.

Mineral water Lucka is helpful crash stress, which one have students, when they go to school: Lucka – back to school, but whit bottle of water. 

Favorite shop whit clothes dresses on students: H&M – back to school.

Tesco come whit interested news, test yours writing. The campaign aims to promote the supply of school supplies: Tesco come whit online school task. 

Also online page (website) whit sales have special offer prepare for students: Zlavomat – back to school. 

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