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Market Locator is the easiest way to do targeted mobile marketing & population analytics in the physical world

Simply attract new customers with targeted geolocation SMS messages. Understand where populations spend time & where you should open your new shop.


Why Market Locator?

Attract new customers with targeted SMS

You need to let people know about your business or offering? Need to do it flexibly, fast and on a low budget? Market Locator will help you spread the word and attract new customers.

Advertise locally & in the correct location

With Market Locator you can deliver your message in the correct location – in a specific city, district or simply exactly within a couple kilometers from your business.

Reach the right people at the right time in the right place

With Market Locator Location Based Campaigns (LBS) you can deliver your message to people when they arrive at a selected location. It’s much easier to get someone to your store one they are close by.

Understand where the ideal location for your business is

Understanding where to locate your business is not easy. Market Locator population maps show you where certain population groups work, live or spend free time.

Simple self service targeted campaign creation

Targeted Mobile Marketing

Targeted Acquisition Campaigns | Rich targeting filters

Target your campaigns based on location, age, gender, mobile phone type, financial indicators, travel indicators, used services and much more with multi-criteria campaigns.

Personal lists | Include or exclude your customer base

Upload your list of customer numbers to exclude them from your campaigns or to enrich your client data.

Location Based Campaigns | LBS

Deliver messages to a target audience when they enter a specified geo fence.

Advanced message capabilities | Codes, links, automations, reporting…

You can include measurable shorts URLs, unique codes, create sign-up forms, embed sign-up forms, create automated sign-up workflows via reply-back SMS. Your campaigns are all evaluated in a clear report.

Population analytics

Building blocks for your geospatial understanding of population movement & behavior

Tons of analytics & marketing features

Market Locator is built for marketers and business developers alike

Maps: understand & target In simple visual heat-maps get great insight into how a specific population is spread and how this changes during different times.

Self-service SMS campaigns  In a matter of minutes prepare and execute a targeted SMS campaign using many filters. The most flexible marketing channel out there.

Location based campaigns Deliver a SMS message when someone from your target audience enters a specific geo-fence.

Your own loyalty program Create custom sign-up forms via web or SMS into private Lists to create a great way of communicating with and rewarding your customers.

Automations Create Action – Reaction pairs allowing you to send automatic SMS messages when someone signs-up to your list, or create automated surveys.


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Affordable for all company sizes

Plan with lots of features

20 EUR


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0,1 EUR

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Additional data layers

25 EUR

/ district per month

Detailed webex course

400 EUR

/detailed 60 minut webex

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Targeted SMS news - Reach new customers in the right place at the right time. Understand where people spend time and where you should open a new operation